Project I

I got invited to do a talk for CreativeMornings Amsterdam. Here I told a story about how the enviable strength of Pippi Longstocking played into my somewhat unconventional approach to overcoming childhood shyness. About how I first picked up the love for books from my mom, and why I think the importance and power of reading (and imagination) is underestimated. [CreativeMornings Amsterdam]

Project II

I've always had a fascination with street art. In December 2017, I created LEES EEN BOEK posters: posters with my favorite book quotes. I put these posters up in the streets of Amsterdam. This way, I inspire people to read more books, both on- and offline. By adding #LEESEENBOEK on the side of the poster, the people who take pictures, are more likely to share the posters on social media and know which hashtag to use. [LEES EEN BOEK]

Project III

As a Social Media Specialist and Content Creative for My Bookstore, it's my responsibility to let the 'Amsterdammer' discover the store, both on- and offline. I created My Bookfairies. My Bookfairies is a concept where the bookstore hides books all around the city. The books are wrapped up, like a present with a pretty #MYBOOKFAIRIES ribbon. The front of the book contains the first sentence of its story. Inside there's a gift coupon of the store for the finder. This way, not only more people will learn about the bookshop, but it also helps with creating a stronger brand identity. [My Bookstore]